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Networking, Storage and Compute


Ecotel main focus is to work with customers and help them achieve high performance by effectively leveraging technologies and advancing overall business value with an impressive partner list (Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, Dell-EMC, and many others)

Ecotel is leading in the following main Areas of project:

Planning and Design Services:

Network/service assessment and Utilization analysis
Design Enhancement for Optimal Performance.
Presales Activity to translate Business need into Technical Requirements.

Implementation Services:

Structured Cabling
Building a cabling infrastructure that consist of a various DC Facility | UTP| Fiber| Patch Panels | Patch Cords | Terminations |Cabinets
Routing & Switching
The Building blocks for all business communication data, voice, video, wireless and applications that improves Productivity. Data Center| Access | Core & Distribution| Remote Branches | Internet Edge
Wireless & Mobility
Provide enterprise users & Guests with a secure and controlled wireless network with a context-aware service to locate critical and high value assets Access Points | Controllers | Mobility | Site assessment
Network Security
Deliver effective network security and incident response. And they boost IT productivity through automation. NGFW| UTM| NGIPS | AMP | NAC| VPN| web and Email Security | Behavior Analysis
Low Voltage / Physical Security
Restricting Access to facilities, equipment and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm CCTV| Access Control| PA | clock System | Video Analytics | Fire Alarm
Unified Communication
The integration of enterprise communication services that provides unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types. IPT| IM&P| Video Conferencing | Web Conferencing |IPTV | Digital Signage | Smart Board
Network Management
Providing a single pane-of-Glass to monitor, manage, provision and maintain all the network equipment. Performance Monitoring | End-to End Analysis | Configuration Manager |Automation
Providing sound and visual components for various types of rooms including meeting rooms, training rooms, court rooms, auditorium. Plan | Design | Implement | Assess | Support
Being the forefront information and communications service providers in the Middle East, Ecotel offers the best services coupled with the latest technology to ensure the business continuity of our clients in the most efficient and full-proof way possible. Our wide arena of services includes:

Analyze the factory under scope to understand, qualify and quantify the needed tools, hardware, software and actions needed to host and deploy the requested services, and implement the customer needs.

System Integration Services
Outsourcing Services for Different technology
Maintenance Services with Defined SLA agreement
Managed Services with Different Flavor tailored on the customer need.
Data Centers and Network Operation Centers Infrastructure (Heterogeneous Environment)
Information and Communication Technology Adaptive Infrastructure Solutions
Virtualization, Business Desktop Deployment and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions
E-Learning, E-Business and E-Government Solutions
Call Center and Service Desk
National Identity Solutions & Smart Card Multi Application Solutions
Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence


We strive to delight customers with a simple, flexible, and cost-efficient platform, one that offers freedom of choice and enables true hybrid and multi-cloud computing.

Planning and Design Services:
Modernize Your Datacenter using software-defined solution that natively integrates all IT resources to run any application while delivering true consumer-grade simplicity that makes infrastructure management effortless.
Provide wide range of platforms from our OEM partners, and popular third-party server vendors.
Provide software as part of a turnkey appliance solution or run on your own installed platforms.
Integration Services with the public cloud platform of your choice—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.
Provide perfect Solution for your remote IT locations. Our easy-to-use solution reduces space and power requirements, and can be fully managed remotely to eliminate the need for on-site IT personnel. Centralized management, non-disruptive software upgrades, and seamless backup.
Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to combines commodity datacenter server hardware with locally attached storage devices (spinning disk or flash) and is powered by a distributed software layer to eliminate common pain points associated with legacy infrastructure.
Capacity Planning and data analysis for all the running infrastructure.
Achieve IT as a Service by Automate application lifecycle management and give internal customers self-service access to cloud resources.
Effective Cost Governance using TCO calculators to manage your Budget and Resource.
Planning DR Strategy and Model based on business-critical application uptime and Availability.
Implementation Services:
Manage resources and setup Virtual Machine (VM) Cluster.
Create Virtual networks and Deploy Application Workloads.
Enable infrastructure and app Self-service for Users.
Monitor resource usage and plan for growth to align and meet availability and performance SLAs.
Micro segmentation and Network Security using Zero Trust Philosophy.
Threat intelligence and detection to control network access to applications and services in end-user-computing (EUC) environments.
Ensure Business Continuity by Maintain application and data availability with built-in replication, orchestration, and cloud-based DR.

Backup and Storage Solutions:

As more and newer technologies are added to meet the organizations’ needs and demands, data is located across multiple environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud as well as remote and distributed environments, increasing the risk of data loss and compromising data recoverability.

This mix of technology is unavoidable as IT evolves and new technologies are introduced to solve them. Multigenerational technology causes data and workloads to fragment across the entire data landscape, creating data silos. Ultimately, this increases the complexity and difficulty to ensure consistent recoverability across the environment.


Storage planning and managements.
Define the storage priority with full security and protection on rest and on transient.
B.W mgmt. and planning for data recovery and periodic backup.
Data migration with integrity