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ECOTEL is positioning itself as “THE NEXT GENERATION SYSTEM INTEGRATOR” with Digital Transformation governing all of its services and solutions offered to its clients.

ECOTEL has the understanding of technology advances, market dynamics and transitions, the experiences and the capabilities augmented with elite partnership with the technology vendors leaders to become the right companion and partner towards digital transformation unlocking a lot of growth opportunities for our clients.

The company

2009 – Telecom Engineering Services
ECOTEL started as a telecom services company providing diversified implementation and managed services to TELECOM sector.
2017 – Datacenter Infrastructure
ECOTEL – and in response to market changes and needs – started its DATA CENTER infrastructure services and achieved great success becoming one of Egypt's’ top three companies in this field
2019 – Mega Scale Projects
Building on the large expertise in field implementation and geographical existence, ECOTEL started its mega projects implementations and managed services
2021 - Digital Transformation System Integrator
ECOTEL has matured into a digital transformation Integrated Solutions’ Provider with end-to-end digital transformation services with diversified solutions and services

Our strengths

With our sustained growth and customer trust we have gained sound financial capability that empowers us to engage in large projects and invest on vendor partnerships.
The nature of our telecom managed services engagement enabled us to build a very strong and fully empowered presence all over Egypt. Our presence points almost cover the whole country with ability equipped with the right implementation tools and technical implementation/ support technical staff. Our regional warehouses give us more power towards fast-track implementation through stocking passive material close by our implementation teams.
Both our management teams and technical staff have impressive technical capabilities that have been accumulating through many diversified engagements in telecom and IT projects. Such capabilities count always towards customer trust in providing the right understanding of any new technology and deliver successful engagement. We leverage our technical expertise to better select the optimum solution that fits our customers’ requirements and achieving highest Return on investment (ROI).
Our understanding of the technology advances, its adoption and building solutions that fits our customers’ transition to digital transformation made our portfolio and offerings very agile to always ensure we will be the right choice for our customers responding to their ICT requirements.
Believing in the importance of consultancy, we always provide our customers with trust-worth advice and ensure highest ROI.
Our diversified portfolio of solutions and services relies on partnering with the major technology providers to ensure we provide latest technologies to our customers. Our technical capabilities and long history in creating services, services delivery augment our portfolio to always provide end-to-end solutions.
Our Business Operation Model
ECOTEL is ISO certified company, Business Processes are the core of business operation which empowers us with a strong back-office capabilities with swift actions and responses. Our internal processes automation is a key for successful engagements with our clients