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Datacenters Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure Design

Ecotel main focus is to work with customers and help them achieve their expectation to find out the suitable sizing and according to their budget for the required data center by effectively leveraging technologies and advancing overall business value with an impressive solutions and designs depending on TIA-942 Standards
TIA 942 Tier Levels

Uptime institute developed an availability tier rating system to define a facility's performance parameters and this has been adopted into the TIA 942 standard.

There are four Tier ratings, 1 to 4, where 1 is minimal infrastructure and 4 is fully fault tolerant.

Even if the Data Centre has Tier 3 or 4 supporting infrastructure but it is located somewhere contrary to the requirements of the standards, it will not meet Tier 3 or 4.

Tier 1 the single path Data Centre.
Tier 2 the single path Data Centre with redundant components.
Tier 3 the concurrently maintainable and operable Data Centre.
Tier 4 the fault tolerant Data Centre.
Hot Aisle – Cold Aisle Approach

TIA 942 and ASHRAE, recommend laying out equipment racks according to the hot aisle-cold aisle, seven-tile pitch model.

The common starting point for designing a rack layout is to use the hot aisle – cold aisle model as specified in TIA 942.

The model lays out the racks in a formation that repeats itself every seven tiles.

Ecotel infrastructure design will also fulfil all the needed systems inside the data center to fulfil all the customer needs, some of these systems are:

Power System.
Cooling System.
Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems.
CCTV System.
Access Control Systems.
Data Cabling Network.
Civil Work (Epoxy Flooring, Raised Floor, Ramp, Steel doors, False Ceiling, Painting)

Data Center Infrastructure Implementation& Project Management

Ecotel has its in house implementation team with qualified engineers in all engineering fields (Power, mechanical and civil) whom can carry out all the work according to standards and as per the solution and schedule for a certain project.

Also, Ecotel has its qualified in-house project managers/coordinators team whom can carry out all responsibilities from Initiation to acceptance phases in a certain project.

Data Center Infrastructure Migration

We believe that Data Centers are the brain of your business, thus we should see how to customize the physical design and construction for your existing data center to meet your business' needs.

Also, we need to see how effectively get the best practice of the following:

Minimize the down time.
Make the troubleshooting easier.
Fully use the DC room’s infrastructure.

The migration services are applied on the IT equipment and infrastructure networks for all the systems inside the data center.

IT Equipment migration

There are several ways to carry out a data center migration for the active components inside the racks as follows:

Lift and Shift.
Swing Move.
Logical Move.
Lift and Shift

In this model we will do the following:

Turn the equipment Off.
Move it.
Install again.
Turn back On.

Advantage: least expensive approaches (No duplicate infrastructure).

Disadvantage: Significant Down Time, which can be very costly.

Swing Move

In this model we will do the following:

Setting up duplicate servers as a temporary system.
Datacenter Serves and virtualizations

Advantage: Zero-Down Time.

Disadvantage: Complex and capital intensive as a duplicate infrastructure.

Logical Move

In this method the approach will be Cloud-based.

Advantage: Zero-Down Time.

Disadvantage: Complex and capital intensive.

Infrastructure Migration:

Before performing the migration on the infrastructure systems inside the data center we first need to apply the following:

Performing a “Gap Analysis” on the existing data center.
Submitting a detailed report concerning the data center performance and situation, stating all problems and concerns found out during the “Gap Analysis” study.
Recommendation of the action plan to be taken.