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Implementation Services

Our implementation services are centered around quality and strict scheduling. We strive to ensure strict adherence to best practices according to technology and vendor equipment. Our accumulated technical expertise enables our implementation staff to easily adopt new technology and quickly understand specific technology providers equipment implementation guidelines.

While technical capabilities are crucial to implementation services, timely deployments are of no less importance. Project Management Office comes into the equation to overall orchestrate the overall project and actual work on the ground. ECOTEL PMO follows the PMI standards and manages all projects’ elements like scheduling, quality and resources.

Our geographical coverage empowers our implementation services capabilities since it enables the PMO to run multiple sites in parallel at the same time which speed up the overall implementation process.

Testing equipment is another important factor to achieve quality implementation, our teams always ensure our testing procedures are strictly follows using the right and adequate tools to achieve best testing results.

ECOTEL implementation services phases
Technical preparation
Equipment Staging
Site surveys – as required
Site work drawings – prior to implementation
Actual implementation
As-built drawings and testing results

Reporting is a main function of the PMO that caters for clients’ updates and alignment along the whole implementation project. The traditional implementation methodologies didn’t give reporting the right attention except for some project management standard progression status etc.

ECOTEL applies Digital Transformation to the traditional implementation services (Digitally enabled Implementation Services), our clients will enjoy looking at analytics and consolidated dashboards reflecting their implementation project and information in the field are updated instantaneously. This empowers our clients to have a minute-by-minute updates and progress from multi-perspectives