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Digital Transformation Consultancy

Digitalization is inevitable, many organizations desire to move towards digitalization of their overall operation to achieve supremacy in customer experience and remain relevant to their industry market. Digitalization is process oriented transformation that changes and disrupt the whole organization. Taking the road towards digitalization requires a well-experienced guide to reach the destination through the shortest road.

ECOTEL has a great experience when it comes to Digital Transformation, this experience enables us to deliver our Digital Transformation end to end consultancy

The service includes the following:
Digitalization maturity assessment
Building gap analysis
Build the digital transformation roadmap
Provide detailed plan and schedule for execution
Provide all related and recommended technologies and providers
Fully implement and integrate
Provide staff training, elevates knowledge and awareness

The service transforms the clients’ operation into digitalization through a phased approach that fits the clients’ budget and the digital maturity level required.

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