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Managed Services

The world is moving rapidly towards more focus on customer experience which mandates letting go of operation elements that can be outsourced to other parties. Not only saving on OPEX but also controlling the services provided through Service Level Agreements and Key performance Indicators.

ECOTEL provides various types of services as managed services empowering our clients to have more control over deliverables and have the highest level of quality as well as focus on their core business

Telecom - Managed Proactive Support Services (MPSS)

Traditionally referred to as telecom equipment preventive maintenance, the ECOTEL MPSS service is a very comprehensive service enabling Telecom operators to have their critical equipment in excellent condition and ensures its continuous operation. ECOTEL service teams ensure clients’ equipment are always fit as physical conditions and operation conditions for continuous and uninterrupted operation.

Our geographical coverage empowers us to cover equipment all over the country with ease of scheduling and meeting the service KPIs and SLAs.

ICT - Managed Operation Services (MOS)

ECOTEL Managed Operation Service is ‘the digitally transformed’ traditional managed NOC and IT Support managed services various innovative and digitally enabled approaches that empowers our clients to have more tight control, structured and data-driven decision making over their ICT operation.

Daily operation KPIs
Behavior and performance of Equipment
Behavior and performance of operation teams
Operation Dynamics and processes conformance
Clients’ experience
Individual operation software and platforms information
The operation methodologies, big data, analytics, highly technical resources will all feed into operation excellence with Business Intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards. This service is targeted to large scale operation like Telecom and Mobile operators, government IT operations and large organization with large equipment deployment base.